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The LED LIGHTING facade can often be can be the most important visual solution us aspect of a building so archtiture the lighting to a project is absolutely crucial. The design of the building often determines the Fullcolor and DMX, RGB led intensity of light needed and Baochauad is perfectly positioned to assist with any application Madrix or Pixel. With a huge range of fixtures providing a variety of light levels, colour mixing and beam angles, Anolis has the fixtures to create the perfect lighting design for any Facade Lighting.View more



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Historical, Contemporary or New Build architectural facades outside come in the widest variety of styles utilising an incredible range of building tower and each variation brings its own unique set of challenges when creating a facade lighting scheme.

At Baochauad we have a range of products high quality facade lighting Fullcolor lighting products in different form factors giving designers and specifiers an excellent choice when it comes to integrating a dynamic lighting scheme capable of adding an extra dimension to any facade.

Trademark superior colour mixing and smooth 24-bit dimming control across our range of products provides the flexibility to bring to life the most ambitious facade lighting schemes Facade Lighting. The high-quality engineering associated with Baochau products and their excellent impact and IP 68ratings as well as their ability to match any RAL colour means the fixtures can remain as discreet as possible, while the effect is clear for all to see.


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As a leading manufacturer of High quality LED architectural lighting solutions, with over 10 years experience, Baochau is the smart choice for any lighting face application. The company values of honesty, integrity and the desire to produce the best possible fixtures are present in our project. Since the inception of Baochauad, we have always collaborated with our customers and partners to create the highest quality LED lighting solutions with a huge range of applications and projects across the globe. Baochauad is proud to research, design and manufacture all Led fullcolor ip68, Led dmx fullcolor

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At Façade Lighting Solutions BAOCHAU we are making and additionally repairing complete line of framework outside lights that switches your company and operates as necessary as well as ingenious advertising fact.
Bring inside out with our revitalized outside lights fixtures as well as additionally make your establishing a considerable landmark with your lights, radiate like a dazzling star in Dubai’s incredible night-scape. Our lights create an aesthetic interest to your building.

Environmentally friendly LED lights

Our LED lights is eco-friendly, non-heat generative and also provides fascinating as well as optimum light color for any type of building to develop an elevation and also best expectation.

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